AGA Systems Receives EPA Certification for 2013 GM Vehicles

Nov 12, 2012

Ogden, Utah (November 12, 2012) – AGA Systems, formerly known as AutoGas America, is proud to announce that it has received full EPA certification for its proprietary compressed natural gas (CNG)     bi-fuel systems that are available now for the complete line of 2013 General Motors trucks, vans and SUVs configured with 6.2L, 6.0L, 5.3L, and 4.8L engines.

The proven AGA Systems technology and EPA certification give GM’s fleet customers an immediately available option to convert 2013 GM trucks to run safely on both gasoline and compressed natural gas.  As a transportation fuel, CNG provides significant fuel cost savings while meeting all EPA vehicle emissions requirements. The bi-fuel trucks easily transition between compressed natural gas and gasoline offering drivers an extended mileage range.

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