AGA Systems Receives EPA Certification for Adaptable Chassis Platforms

Mar 29, 2013

Kaysville, Utah (March 29, 2013) – AGA Systems is proud to announce that it has received full EPA Certification for its DuraDrive® proprietary compressed natural gas (CNG)  bi-fuel system. DuraDrive® is available now for 2013 General Motors and Isuzu adaptable chassis platforms powered by the 6.0L gaseous prep engine for both above and below 14,000 GVW vehicle classes.  The Cutaway Van, Utility Service Body, Bed Delete, and Isuzu NPR trucks are configured for delivery, transportation, industrial and vocational truck service.

The proven AGA Systems technology and EPA Certification give GM and Isuzu fleet customers the option to convert adaptable chassis platforms to run safely on both gasoline and compressed natural gas.  As a transportation fuel, CNG provides significant fuel cost savings while meeting all EPA vehicle emissions requirements. Bi-fuel trucks equipped with the DuraDrive® system easily transition between compressed natural gas and gasoline offering drivers an extended mileage range.

All AGA Systems products are engineered to the highest performance and emissions standards. AGA DuraDrive® fuel conversion products are high altitude and cold-start tested and operate seamlessly with the factory on-board diagnostics system.

AGA Systems supplied and EPA Certified CNG bi-fuel conversions are used by municipal and state agencies, private and public companies and individual consumers who want to make the smart transition to natural gas-powered vehicles. With an AGA Systems certified, reliable CNG conversion system, there are virtually no limitations on truck body, bed, or engine configuration and no limitations on the choice of other truck accessories, now including the adaptable chassis platform applications.

AGA Systems supplies a nationwide network of trained and certified partner installers. With the AGA Systems DuraDrive® bi-fuel conversion system, the vehicle owner selects the GM or Isuzu adaptable chassis truck configuration, CNG tank size and location, accessories and instrumentation, and may choose among a full range of other standard aftermarket accessories.

AGA Systems qualified installers work with fleet and individual vehicle owners to insure a reliable and competitive CNG system and provide ongoing customer and technical support.

AGA Systems, LLC
AGA Systems is a proven industry leader in EPA Certified General Motors bi-fuel CNG conversion products. The company designs and manufacturers proprietary CNG bi-fuel systems providing vehicle owners with the many transportation fuel benefits of clean, economical compressed natural gas.

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